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Smart Contracts

We generally provide smart contract solutions for Ethereum blockchain. We helps the client to create ERC-20 , ERC-721 , ERC-721A and other custom smart contracts. 

We also provide solutions for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and Application Logic Contracts (ALCs).

We also audits and tests smart contracts to verify their optimised functionality, making them completely secure to run.

Longun Labs


When it comes to making DeFi the pivotal mechanism, we ensure that every component works the way it is supposed to. Our experts deliver the most reliable and impactful results to every business by molding the solution as per the demands.

We provide you impeccable decentralized finance (DeFi) development services like defi cryptocurrency coin, defi tokens, wallet, DeFi crypto exchange, and defi smart contract development.

Longun Labs


We provide solutions for DApp development that provide a great user experience. Our DApp designers craft intuitive applications and also provide quality support for DApp integration to build apps with distinct features. 

Our DApp developers maintain a pace with the latest DApp development trends to help your business succeed online. We carefully analyse stakeholders and the technical components and provide an apt Blockchain platform to suit the client’s requirements.

We also build DApp games. We say, Blockchain is here to revolutionise your gaming experience. Users can play multiplayer games where their assets are staked and a smart contract can promise fair gameplay and fair transfer of assets to rightful player. Gaming companies can incentivise  users who use their platform regularly with loyalty tokens.

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