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Longun Labs is an exciting next-generation community based resource providing company specializes in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital media (NFTs) & metaverse.

The company is working on a special mission to save the planet Earth by fighting against Climate Change.


Our Services

NFT Collection generation with Traits/Accessories

We will help you to generate a entire NFT collection from your layers .We will help you to set a rarity to your traits .

Metadata Generation and IPFS file storage

We will help you to generate your metadata and help you to upload it to IPFS using a gateway

NFT Smart Contract Development

We generally provide smart contract solutions for Ethereum blockchain. We helps the client to create ERC-20 , ERC-721 , ERC-721A and other custom smart contracts. 

We also audits and tests smart contracts to verify their optimised functionality, making them completely secure to run.

Smart Contract Moderation

We will provide different functions like whitelist and other custom function. 

NFT Minting DApp

We also provide solutions for DApp development that provide a great user experience. Our DApp designers craft intuitive applications and also provide quality support for DApp integration to build apps with distinct features. 

NFT Landing Website

We will deliver your landing page for your NFT project. We have the best team to work on it.

NFT listing on Marketplaces

We will you help you to build a custom NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketing

Whether you’re a beginner creator or the top NFT project in the workd. We can provide the strategy and insights on how to market and sell your NFTS.


Collaborations and partnerships with other projects, investment funds, influencers, content creators, media outlets, and distribution networks can provide exponential growth to your project. We can help you.

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